Published 11 May 2021

Colorectal cancer

Swedish Colorectal Cancer Registry (SCRCR)

Registry category: Cancer diseases

Certification level: 1

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Region Västerbotten

Treatment for colorectal cancer is complicated and results have varied considerably through the years in Sweden. Due to these differences, a national quality registry for rectal cancer was started in 1995. This registry led to advances in treatment that achieved equitable treatment in Sweden for rectal cancer, but also resulted in better treatment for rectal cancer than for colon cancer. The colon cancer registry was therefore started in 2007. In the beginning, both registries were pure surgical quality registries. However, now oncological treatment and diagnostics also are registered.

Purpose of the registry:

  • to monitor colorectal cancer treatment in Sweden
  • selection of surgical method, utilisation of perioperative resources and additional treatments
  • register how new technology is used and new knowledge disseminated in Sweden
  • enable studies of a purely epidemiological nature
  • to publish reports on the colorectal cancer registry
  • look at different efficacy variables regarding pathology quality, surgery quality, and how patients gain access to the various additional treatments.

The annual report presents current data for the past year as well as follow-up data for three and five years for long-term cancer outcomes.

Contact information

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  • Ulrika Forsberg