Published 11 May 2021


Swedish Melanoma Registry (SweMR)

Registry category: Cancer diseases

Certification level: 2

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Region Östergötland

Malignant melanoma is the fifth most common of all tumours. Melanoma is caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation causing damage to the skin. Increased travels to the sun and tanning bed use are probable factors for the increase of the disease. In 2018, there were more than 4700 invasive melanomas diagnosed in Sweden. The age-adjusted incidence was 47/100,000, slightly more men than women. The total incidence increase per year was more than 5 percent the last 10 years.

The last 3 years more than 500 individuals have died due to melanoma, half of which were older than seventy-five.

Early diagnosis with a high proportion of thin melanomas provides a relative five-year survival rate of 93 percent for women and 86 percent for men. Informing the population about the disease, signs of diagnosis, where to turn, the use of dermatoscope as well as sun protection and banning tanning bed habits should hopefully be able to halt the increase rate of the disease, not yet seen in Sweden.

Purpose and objectives:

  • to supplement cancer registration with tumour-specific factors, stage, data on surgical treatment and melanoma specific survival.
  • to maintain a national database as a basis for research
  • to enable monitoring national developments and to make global comparisons of prevalence, incidence and survival
  • to provide for individual clinics/hospitals to run comparisons with regional and national data in an Online Report updated three times per year.
  • to provide an yearly report to care providers
  • to describe the continuum of care with the help of quality indicators

Contact information

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