Published 11 May 2021


National Quality Registry for ECT

Registry category: Mental health

Certification level: 1

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Region Örebro

The Swedish National Quality Register for ECT started in 2008 as a collaborative venture between clinically active and researching doctors and nurses in Örebro, Uppsala and Dalarna. The registry covers all hospitals across the country.

High-quality reported data and a high coverage rate are augmented by a regional organisation that collaborates with the clinics on reporting, interpretation and feedback.

Collected data is used for both operational monitoring and for research.

In order to use data from the quality registry as a basis for clinical improvement measures and operational development, a number of quality indicators have been outlined. These indicators are general and can be used by all units connected to the registry. The target levels can be customised for each unit.

Contact information

Find contact information on the registry’s website.