Published 11 May 2021


The National diabetes register (NDR), a quality register for diabetes in children and adults

Registry category: Endocrine diseases

Certification level: 1

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Västra Götalandsregionen

The National diabetes register (NDR) is a national quality register with the aim to facilitate systematic improvement in diabetes care. The NDR was launched in 1996 for persons with diabetes from the age of 18 years old, in response to the St. Vincent Declaration, which aimed at encouraging European countries to reduce diabetes-related diseases and complications.

For children with diabetes the paediatric diabetes register (Swediabkids) started in 2000, and has since 2018 been fully integrated in the NDR. The data in the NDR can be used for bench marking and to measure treatment goal fulfilment in comparison to regional and national guidelines for diabetes care.

The National Board of Health and Welfare's goal is for the principals in the regions to conduct systematic quality work to develop and ensure the quality of care. The NDR was created to meet these requirements in order to improve diabetes care. The NDR shows statistics regarding the results in Swedish diabetes care in an open and comparable way and collected data are also used for health care research.

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