Published 11 May 2021

Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia

National Quality Registry for Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

Registry category: Elderly's health

Certification level: 3

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Region Skåne

Dementia is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, with numerous and varied consequences for the individual and his or her family, and for society at large. In addition to impaired cognitive functions such as memory, spatial orientation, language skills and thinking capacity, dementia can also cause behavioural and psychological symptoms (BPSD). These can express themselves as, for example, anxiety, agitation, aggressiveness, wandering, depression or hallucinations. BPSD is one of the most common factors behind an individual requiring special housing and is also a common reason for the prescription of medication and for polypharmacy. The objective of the BPSD registry is to ensure the quality of nursing care for people with dementia and to achieve nationwide equality in the care and treatment of this patient category. The registry has a clear structure and is based on charting the frequency and severity of BPSD, identifying potential causes of BPSD and recording pharmaceuticals. Then, teambased nursing interventions to reduce the prevalence of BPSD, are detected.

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  • Ulrika Forsberg