Published 11 May 2021

Oesophageal and stomach cancer

National Quality Registry for Oesophageal and Stomach Cancer (NREV)

Registry category: Cancer diseases

Certification level: 1

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Region Skåne

This registry is intended to support local improvement initiatives and describe developments in the relevant diagnosis areas with respect to treatment and complications, and provide data for analysis and clinical research, including quality of life and health economics.

Objectives are:

  • To achieve a nationwide registry for oesophageal and stomach cancer in Sweden. Rarer forms of tumours such as lymphoma, sarcoma, GIST, malignant melanoma and carcinoids are excluded.
  • To register, for the diagnoses of oesophageal and stomach cancer, all resectional surgery, oncologic treatment and certain palliative measures.
  • To register complications, survival and quality of life.
  • To perform health economics analyses and facilitate research in the area.

Content: Investigation and treatment decisions are registered for all patients. For resectional surgery, surgery data is registered immediately at the time of the procedure, and complications, survival and PAD are registered after one month. Oncological treatment is registered annually after treatment is given. One year after the date of diagnosis, all patients are asked to fill in a form on quality of life and a form for the health economics situation.

The registry also contains data on waiting times from diagnosis to treatment decision and waiting times from treatment decision to surgical or oncologic measures; whether the treatment decision was made in multidisciplinary consultation or by a single physician: care duration, 30-day mortality, complications, long-term survival and quality of life.

Contact information

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  • Ulrika Forsberg