Published 11 May 2021


The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry

Registry category: Diseases of the movement organs

Certification level: 2

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Västra Götalandsregionen

The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry, former The National Quality Registry for Better Management of Patients with Osteoarthritis (BOA), was initiated in response to the high cost of sick leave due to osteoarthritis and the knowledge that only a fraction of all patients who undergo osteoarthritis surgery have seen a physiotherapist at some point prior to surgery. This despite the fact that information, training and weight control form the basis of osteoarthritis treatment according to both national and international treatment guidelines.

The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry follows the National Board of Health and Welfare’s national guidelines for osteoarthritis. The registry has three clear branches:

  1. Patient education (“osteoarthritis school”, a supportive osteoarthritis self-management programme)
  2. Training of health care personnel
  3. The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry

The aim of the registry is to ensure that all patients with osteoarthritis are offered adequate information and training in osteoarthritis school, in accordance with current treatment guidelines, and that surgical interventions are only considered when non-surgical treatment has not provided satisfactory results.

The goal is to reduce health care consumption and sick leave due to osteoarthritis, and to increase quality of life and activity levels among patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. Patients with osteoarthritis should receive equivalent care at their first contact with health care services, regardless of where this takes place. Patients with symptoms in their hip or knee should be able to see a physiotherapist directly, without referral from a doctor.

The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry was initiated in 2008 as a three-year collaboration between the Regions of Västra Götaland and Skåne, and the county councils of Värmland and Västerbotten, and was financed by the Social Insurance Agency and government financing to the regions. Today, osteoarthritis schools under the the Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry concept are up and running in all county councils in Sweden. No referral is needed to an osteoarthritis school. Patient involvement is an important part of the project, which collaborates closely with the Swedish Rheumatism Association via the Rheuma-communicator project.

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The Swedish Osteoarthritis Registry


  • Ulrika Forsberg