Published 23 January 2024


The National Patient Survey is the generic name of recurring national surveys of patient experiences in the healthcare services.

Patients’ views on the healthcare services are an important source of information for continuous improvements of the healthcare services. By participating in the National Patient Survey, you are given the opportunity to share your experiences and perceptions of the healthcare services. The results will be used to improve and develop the healthcare services from a patient perspective, as a basis for comparisons between healthcare units and as a tool for governance and management.

These surveys are carried out all over the country, and you have been randomly selected to participate due to your recent contact with the healthcare services.

The surveys are carried out by Institutet för kvalitetsindikatorer (Indikator) at the request of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (

Your experiences are important

Your experiences count. For this reason, your participation in the survey is important. When more people get involved, the healthcare services gain access to important information, resulting in better healthcare for us all. Also, a high level of participation will result in a truer and fairer view.

Your data will be protected

Participation in the surveys is voluntary. No results that are returned to the healthcare services can be traced back to individual respondents. The surveys are carried out in accordance with applicable data protection laws and the industry’s ethical guidelines.

If you have children and have been invited to participate

These questionnaires are aimed at those whose children were recently in touch with the healthcare services. As the child is below the age of 15, the child’s custodian should respond to the questionnaire – ideally, together with the child. If you were not present during the appointment, the questionnaire should be completed by the person who accompanied the child during the appointment.