Publicerad 3 maj 2021

Register for quality assurance process

How to register your product in the verification service

  1. Register a free account in
  2. Click on the top menu option “My Profile”

  3. Click on “My Products” and enter the

    a) name of the product,

    b) a URL to more information about the product,

    c) company name and

    d) a description. Make sure to indicate any significant version number or similar designation for the product which is being tested.

    e) If more than one user will maintain the information in the future, you can add other existing users which will then also gain rights to update the information for this product.

  4. When the product information is registered, then Click “Verification Test”

  5. Chose the type of verification (such as “Peppol BIS Billing 3 - Can Send”) and press “Start”

  6. Read the instructions and follow the process forward

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