Published 10 November 2023

Request for Proposals: Project Manager in Ukraine

SALAR International is looking for a Project Manager to the project PROSTO Support to Services Accessibilities in Ukraine. The position shall be a full-time consultancy contract for a period of at least 6 months starting as soon as possible.

The Project Manager should be an experienced, professional, self-motivated person, who can work effectively in a dynamic and changing environment and manage people and processes to reach the targeted results within a limited time.

The Project Manager will manage and coordinate the work of around 15 long-term consultants and several short-term consultants in Ukraine in close cooperation with the management unit in Stockholm. The person oversees and coordinates the overall project implementation in Ukraine and ensures it is delivered according to established work plans and timelines, in accordance with the budget. The role also includes managing and monitoring risks and work collaboratively to solve issues that may arise during implementation, as well as representing the project in dialogue with Ukrainian stakeholders and donors and shall maintain positive and productive relationships.

SALAR International is looking for candidates who are experienced in managing teams and projects in contexts similar to the Ukrainian decentralisation reform. The position requires integrity, innovation, problem-solving skills, professionalism, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to lead others.

Location and duration

A consultancy contract (from starting date until 31st May 2024) will be signed between SALAR International and the Project Manager. The assignment is a full time position and the Project manager is expected to work at the office in Kyiv.

If SALAR’s proposal for a multi-year programme in Ukraine is accepted and the assignment has been completed successfully, a continued engagement of the Project Manager can be foreseen in the new programme.

Request for Proposals

Final date for questions is November 23, and final date for submission of proposals is November 23.

Proposals and questions should be sent by email to: Mark your email with ‘Project Manager PROSTO‘. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Early applicants are encouraged.

Request for proposals: Project Manager in Ukraine Pdf, 244 kB.

PROSTO Support to Services Accessibilities in Ukraine