Structure and Members School to Work

The Flagship operates on basis of close cooperation and in respect to
gender equality and social inclusion. Work is carried out by three Knowledge Platforms.

Knowledge Platforms coordinate work among its members, raise awareness and organize events for members. Work is facilitated to promote cooperation among the Members States of the Baltic Sea Region.

Three Knowledge Platforms

  • Knowledge Platform on Early School Leaving (KPESL)
  • Knowledge Platform on newly arrived refugees

Both are led by the Division of Education of City Turku.

City of Turku Education Division is responsible for early childhood education, basic education, general upper secondary education and adult education in Turku. City of Turku Education Division has a long and multi-sectoral experience of project work and developing new models,
practices and networks. At the moment they have over 150 projects in project portfolio.

Education Division at City of Turku

  • Knowledge Platform on NEET

Whereas Knowledge Platform on NEET is coordinated by the Norden Association in Sweden.

Norden Association in Sweden, founded in 1919, is a politically and religiously independent organization. The aim of the association is to stimulate and improve Nordic cooperation at all
levels, especially in the fields of education, culture, the labour market, industry, mass media, international aid and environmental care.

Additionally, the Norden Association in Sweden is an active actor in field of policy making and awareness raising about the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, especially in field of education. It has a role of being a Policy Area Coordinator PA Education and a Horizontal Action Coordinator HA Capacity. Thus, the Norden Association in Sweden brings together actors for building strategic networks that contribute to the achievement of strategy´s targets.

Norden Association in Sweden


Flagship has more than 60 members from eight countries. These countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Our members are schools, civil society organizations, municipalities, regions, national agencies, and ministries.

Membership is open to actors who work and implement projects in areas of prevention of early school leaving and integration of NEET in area of the Baltic Sea Region.

We are happy to receive your membership application! To apply for the membership, please send your inquiries to the Flagship´s Leader at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and contact Gunnar Anderzon or Inta Edgarsson. Membership is free of charge.

Apply for membership


Thomas More University College Geel


  • Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment
  • Danish Ministry of Education, National Agency for Education and Quality
  • Local Government Denmark


  • Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres
  • Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Foundation Innove Tartu Vocational Education
  • Tartu Vocational Education Centre


  • City of Rovaniemi
  • Division of Education of City of Turku
  • Federation of Education in Central Osterbothnia
  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • Helsinki Deaconess Institute
  • Jyväskylä College
  • Jyväskylä Educational Consortium

Germany (Hamburg)

  • City of Hamburg
  • Federal Employment Agency
  • GSM Training & Integration GmbH
  • Hanseatic Parliament
  • Lawaetz Stiftung
  • Ministry for Social and Family Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection


  • Agency for International Programs for Youth
  • City of Riga


  • European Social Fund Agency
  • Lithuanian Labour Exchange
  • Ministry of Social Security and Labour Youth Department
  • National Centre of Special Needs Education
  • PE Domus Solis


  • Batteriet North Norway
  • Culture Centre Alta


  • Ad futurum
  • Adult Education Centre, Warsaw
  • Caritas Gdansk
  • Educational Office in Warsaw
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Department of Labour Market
  • Voluntary Labour Corps


  • Entreprneurship Lab
  • Gävleborg County Council
  • Jämtland Härjedalen County Council
  • Försäkringskassan
  • Magelungen Development Inc.
  • Municipality of Boden
  • Municipality of Bromölla
  • Municipality of Eskilstuna
  • Municipality of Karlstad
  • Municipality of Luleå
  • Municipality of Skellefteå
  • Municipality of Vetlanda, ComeBack
  • Norden Association in Sweden
  • Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues
  • Public Employment Service
  • Public Employment Service Luleå
  • Public Employment Service Skellefteå
  • Public Employment Service Umeå
  • Region Östergötland
  • Skåne Association of Local Authorities
  • Social Insurance Office/ Försäkringskassan
  • Social Insurance Agency Luleå
  • Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society
  • Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
  • Swedish National Association for Social and Mental Health
  • Swedish Social Insurance Agency Luleå
  • Södermanland County Council
  • Östergötland County Council

Åland Islands

  • Ung Resurs


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