Publicerad: 4 June 2018

Fråga och svar

8. Outcome and results of functions and activities for women and men, girls and boys, are clearly evident in regular operational and budgetary monitoring.

Gender mainstreaming means that monitoring activities from a gender equality perspective should not require a separate system, but should be part of the regular operations and budget review.

Monitoring activities as part of the regular operations and budget review means finding out what positive or negative effects your activity has on women and men, and girls and boys, in relation to the goals of the activity. In order to monitor how an activity contributes to promoting gender equality in our society, the monitoring should be based on the national gender equality policy goals.

As an elected official, you can act to make gender equality more evident in those documents that are used for decisions by elected bodies and that control operations.

As a chief executive, you are responsible for ensuring that the monitoring system shows how operations and the budget impact women and men, as well as girls and boys. This requires access to sex-disaggregated statistics, gender-related goals, and gender equality indicators.


  • Marie Trollvik


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