Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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7. A gender impact assessment is included in all draft council proposals

Draft proposals prepared by an administration to be used by elected officials as a basis for their decisions must contain a gender impact assessment. How will the decision affect the allocation of resources between women and men? How would the decision affect attitudes about, and services provided to, users, patients, students and others, from a gender perspective? How would the decision affect the opportunity to gain control and influence for women, men, girls and boys?

In order to refine this gender equality analysis, it should also include factors other than gender. How are various groups of women and men affected if we consider, age, country of birth, level of education, functional disability or sexual preference?

As an elected official, you need documentation that will help you make decisions that accord with adopted policies regarding gender mainstreaming, and which contribute to the gender equality goals you established. If the documentation on which you are to base these decisions does not provide the support you need, you should ask that it be supplemented.

As an chief executive, you are responsible for ensuring that there are clear guidelines, tools and support for gender impact assessments in draft proposals and other documentation for decisions, and that the employees are familiar with these.

As strategists, you can contribute a gender equality perspective to the analyses of the various activities. You can use your skills and expertise in gender equality to help contribute to the inclusion of issues of power and gender norms in the analysis, and explain how these factors can be understood for different groups of women and men.


  • Marie Trollvik


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