Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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6. All individual-based statistics are reported, analysed and presented by sex

Having sex-disaggregated statistics is a condition for clearly showing structural gender-based differences between women and men. As a person’s legal gender is shown by the national registration number, all register-based statistics can be analysed and presented by sex.

When data is gathered through surveys, the respondent must state his or her gender in order for the statistics to show gender as a parameter. Many surveys offer a third choice for those persons who identify neither as a woman nor as a man. Bear in mind that registration of gender identity can be sensitive personal information, which can result in a violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also, if a group of respondents is too small, it can be difficult to ensure a respondent’s anonymity.

Analysing statistics

In order to ensure services of equal value and an equal allocation of resources, the statistics must be analysed. Does a difference between women and men, girls and boys imply the existence of gender inequality? What are the consequences of the difference in questions? How should the difference be interpreted in relation to the organizations gender equality goals?

In order to refine this gender equality analysis, it should also include factors other than gender. How are various groups of women and men affected if we consider, age, country of birth, level of education, functional disability or sexual orientation?

As an elected official, you should demand that sex-disaggregated statistics are included in reports, budget reviews and documentation for decisions, and that these data are subject to a gender equality analyses. If this is not done, the matter should be sent back for supplementation.

As an chief executive, you should ensure that there are clear guidelines and method support for gender-disaggregated statistics, and that your systems support the gathering and handling of this kind of statistics (demand this when purchasing these systems).

As a strategist, you can contribute knowledge by showing examples of the difference having sex-disaggregated statistics can make, and how this type of statistics can be analysed. One important part of this work is to view your local challenges in light of what research and national conditions show about fundamental gender equality challenges in our society.


  • Marie Trollvik


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