Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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5. The gender equality perspective is evident in goals, budgets and other governing documents

The gender equality perspective can be made evident in goals, budgets and other governing documents in a number of ways:

  • Operational goals in action plans can be specified for women and men. For example, one goal may be that an equal percentage of men and women who participate in labour market programs should find a job after the end of the intervention.
  • The expression “gender equality” should be included in the formulation of the goals. For example, that the municipality should offer gender-equal services and workplaces.
  • Guidelines for various activities should contain a description of how gender equality should be implemented in the activity in question, such as, for instance, guidelines for gender equality in assessments for social assistance.

As an elected official, you can adopt decisions mandating that a gender equality perspective should be evident in goals, budgets and agency plans. Be alert to flaws in the chain of command, and speak up when the feedback does not reflect the policy decisions you have made.

As a chief executive, you need to ensure that a functioning management system is in place and familiar to administrators and employees. When activities are monitored and followed up, you need to be alert to, and identify, where there are any flaws in the chain of command for gender equality so that these areas can be remedied. Guidelines and instructions should state clearly that regulatory documents are required to have a gender equality perspective.

There should also be clear routines regarding what should happen when employees and administrators fail to comply with the directions. These can include sending back regulatory documents and monitoring reports for supplementation. An important part of the controller’s work is to monitor the extent to which guidelines and instructions are actually applied.

As a strategist (responsible for the gender equality function in the organisation), you contribute knowledge that ensures that goal formulation and planned activities are based on actual equality challenges. You need to be familiar with the management system, and with those areas where gender mainstreaming is easy to implement, and those that require extra efforts.

An important part of strategic work is identifying thresholds and being able to smooth them out.


  • Marie Trollvik


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