Publicerad: 4 June 2018

Fråga och svar

4. The competence and ability to apply effective gender mainstreaming approach is well ensured in the organisation

Gender mainstreaming requires expertise and skill in gender equality, gender equality analysis, management, leadership, monitoring and follow-up, and quality improvement.

Not every employee needs to know all of this. The need for expertise and skill in every case is based on the specific tasks and field of each employee or administrator. Elected officials, too, need to possess a fundamental knowledge of gender equality and gender mainstreaming.

As an elected official, you can adopt decisions mandating every administration and agency set aside resources for gender equality training, and ensure that both personnel and elected officials participate in these educational programmes.

As an executive, you are responsible for ensuring that the administration you head has the right skills and expertise to fulfil the undertakings that arise from policy decisions, as well as laws and ordinances.

As an officer with a strategic function , you play a key role in the development of skills and expertise in gender equality by contributing expertise in education and other measures that increase the competence of employees in the organization, and by analysing human resource development needs and taking steps to fulfil these.


  • Marie Trollvik


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