Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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 2. The elected council requests feedback regarding gender mainstreaming efforts

As an elected official, you play an important role in keeping a focus on these issues, and ensuring that the undertaking is not forgotten.

Giving a municipal or regional councillor the responsibility for gender equality issues will help to ensure that these issues stay on the agenda.

You can also establish a special delegation, or a committee consisting of a group of leading elected officials, that will monitor gender mainstreaming efforts, for example, by conducting an ongoing dialogue with heads of municipal administrations and agencies, and by reviewing policies and other governing documents. It is important that this group have the mandate and legitimacy needed if they are to impose demands in their dialogue with the various administrations and agencies.

By requesting a showing of results, the elected leadership makes it clear that their decision must be implemented so as to result in concrete actions. Ask questions and demand feedback, and follow-up on gender mainstreaming in budget discussions, follow-up conferences, and other reviews with leading officials in administrations and agencies.

As elected officials, you make decisions that link planning, budget work and monitoring to your comprehensive gender equality policy goals. In other words, the positions you take are built into control and management systems.


  • Marie Trollvik


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