Publicerad: 4 June 2018

Fråga och svar

1. The elected council makes a decision mandating gender mainstreaming.

In a politically governed organization, it is the elected officials that decide on the content and extent of the organization’s operations (within the framework of legally-mandated obligations). A decision by an elected body or official is a necessary precondition if efforts for change are to permeate the entire organization and acquire long-term sustainability.

The first step in the gender mainstreaming process is for the elected body to adopt a comprehensive and long-term decision to implement gender mainstreaming in the organization.

This can take place in various ways. In many municipalities and county councils, the elected council has adopted the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life (also known as the “CEMR Charter”), thereby undertaking to implement gender equality in its

The decision can also take other forms, such as the adoption by the local council of a gender mainstreaming plan, or of gender mainstreaming operations as a budgetary objective.


  • Marie Trollvik


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