Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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8. Project conclusion – Reporting and disseminating the results

What should be achieved?

  • Presentation of results of quality improvement in gender mainstreaming.
  • Becoming a model or mentor in benchmarking for a new organization that seeks to cooperate to achieve gender mainstreamed management

What can be achieved also depends on the purpose and the target group of the conference. The target group can be other activities in your own organization, or in other organizations on the regional or national level, and the purpose may be dissemination and information or the start-up of new benchmarking.

Preparations ahead of the conference

  • Implement a group self-assessment on the gender mainstreaming checklist
  • Prepare a systematic description of the methodology and results of the quality improvement so that the results can be applied to other organizations.
  • Identify factors for success, challenges and lessons learned for the entire project.

When will we be a model municipality or model region?

There is no certification or external testing required to become a model municipality. On the contrary, the assessment is based on your own self-assessment. When you realize that you no longer have any scores of 1, and you give yourself a 3 on more than half of the points on the checklist, you may well be ready to be a model organization.

Your organization can also be a ”mentor” in a new benchmarking round even when you have a ways to go before you are a gender-mainstreamed organization. You can also use this model to gender mainstream your organization’s own divisions and administrations.


  • Magnus Jacobson


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