Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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6. Benchmarking Meeting No. 3: Continued quality improvement

What should be achieved?

The third meeting focuses on the monitoring and follow-up systems and continued efforts 

  • Ideas for improvements of systems to follow up and analyse gender equality efforts and gender impact as part of regular accounting and monitoring systems
  • Ideas for improved routines for gender mainstreaming decisions
  • Plans for how the quality improvement should continue and be followed up after the benchmarking
  • Plans for how participants will contribute in conjunction with the results conference.

Preparations ahead of the meeting

  • Implement a group self-assessment on the gender mainstreaming checklist, and identify needs for additional quality improvement. Note the shift that has taken place and learn from this.
  • Formulate a brief description of the current situation focusing on the ongoing quality improvement
  • Describe how your organization reports, uses and follows up on individual-based statistics. What share of the statistics are sex-disaggregated? Are there routines for the analysis of sex-disaggregated statistics in connection with budget work, activity follow-ups, and as part of the political decision-making process?

How should we proceed?

  • Share experiences with the other organizations, based on the documentation of the current state of the quality improvement.
  • Discuss and learn across organizational boundaries how improvements can be implemented at home.
  • Identify ideas about improvements relating to gender mainstreaming.


  • Magnus Jacobson


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