Publicerad: 4 June 2018

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4. Benchmarking Meeting No. 2: Quality improvement

The second benchmarking meeting is about following up on the quality improvement that was implemented since the last meeting, benchmark the quality improvement in a specific area and begin the work of ensuring that the chain of command works from beginning to end.

What do we want to achieve with the benchmarking meeting?

After the meeting, the participants should have:

  • Formulated plans for the next step in the quality improvement of management
  • Identified areas where the results for women, men, girls and boys need to improve
  • Found improvements that will lead to better gender mainstreaming and can be applied to a specific activity in order to ensure gender-equal service and resource allocation.

Preparations ahead of the meeting

  • Implement a group self-assessment on the gender mainstreaming checklist, and identify needs for additional quality improvement. Note the shift that has taken place and learn from this.
  • Identify an area where your organization is not able to ensure gender-equal results. Prepare your organization that a quality improvement related to management will be starting, and make sure the staff received the information and knowledge required to take part in this work.
  • The key persons work together to obtain knowledge about how other organizations or the mentor organization worked to solve the gender inequality problem in a similar area. The participants can choose different examples to work with.
  • Describe the current situation based on the quality improvement commenced. Prepare presentations and publish them on the project platform at least one week prior to Benchmarking 2.

How should we proceed?

  • Share experiences with the other organizations, based on documentation on the quality improvement chosen.
  • Discuss and learn across organizational boundaries how improvements can be implemented at home.
  • Identify ideas about improvements relating to gender mainstreaming.


  • Magnus Jacobson


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