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2. Benchmarking Meeting No. 1 – Management

The key person in the mentor organization is responsible for organizing the meetings in consultation with the other key persons. A good idea is for each organization to host one meeting and to pay for the cost of that meeting. The participants themselves should pay for travel and related expenses.

What do we want to achieve before the first meeting?

  • A completed gender mainstreaming self-assessment form.
  • An understanding of the conditions needed for gender mainstreaming.
  • A description of the organization’s management (chain of command) in PowerPoint.

What do we need to do?

  • Discuss and see where you are with regard to the various points on the gender mainstreaming check list. Do a self-assessment.
  • See the film, Chain of Command (English subtitles available)
  • Based on the film and your self-assessment, reflect over and describe how your chain of command looks, and where a gender equality perspective is currently mainstreamed
  • Identify which areas you want to improve.
  • Plan a Benchmarking Meeting No. 1 together.
  • Prepare a presentation based on the PowerPoint template and publish it on the project website (Projektplatsen) at least one week before Benchmarking Meeting No. 1.

What do we want to achieve during the benchmarking meeting?

  • Creating a shared picture of the project and the model.
  • Creating contacts and agreeing on schedules for the continued work.
  • Sharing ideas about improvements that will result in better gender mainstreaming that can be transferred to your own municipality.
  • Learning from other municipalities.

How should we proceed?

  • Conduct a knowledge inventory
  • Share experiences with the other municipalities.
  • Discuss and share what you learn with others about how to implement the improvements at home.
  • Identify ideas for improving gender mainstreaming.
  • The model municipality gives feedback to the project’s administrator.

A proposed agenda for the first benchmarking meeting (PDF)


  • Magnus Jacobson


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