Publicerad: 4 June 2018

Fråga och svar

1. The Start-up Meeting

What do we want to achieve?

  • Garnering support among elected officials and administrators
  • Allocate roles to representatives of elected officials, administrators and key persons.
  • A description of the municipality, facts and current situation should be emailed to the project manager or be published on the project’s website.
  • Communication with identified stakeholders.

Preparations before the meeting

  • The mentor organization or central organization is responsible for arranging and calling participants to the meeting.
  • Participating organizations appoint an elected official, an administrator and a key person who will be participating in the benchmarking, and make sure they understand their assignments and have reserved time for the meetings.
  • The participants describe the current situation of, and provide facts about, their organization, and publish the description on their joint platform for cooperation well in advance of the meeting.

A proposed agenda for the start-up meeting

  • Introduction: What do we want to achieve? How does this relate to the objectives of gender equality policy and currents societal challenges on the local and regional level?
  • Review of the model: What is benchmarking? A checklist for gender mainstreaming, How should it be used?
  • Introduction to systematic quality improvement
  • Practical information about the planning of benchmarking efforts, roles, and expectations on the participants.
  • Discussion in groups, both based on role (administrator, elected official, key person) and on organizational position.
  • Experiences from the mentor organization (or alternatively, some other organization with experience of this model): What did we learn, and what improvements have we made?
  • Lecture: Common gender inequality problems in municipalities, county councils and regions, together with examples of tried and tested solutions.

Meeting in clusters of the organizations that will be cooperating:

  • Start with a short presentation of each municipality and/or region, using a common template, along with a short presentation of every municipality or region using a shared template, where others are given an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Discuss and share experiences about good ways to organize quality improvements at home, between meetings. (Is a separate steering committee needed, or are there other forums that can be used?)
  • Agree on practical issues and meeting times for the three benchmarking meetings.


  • Magnus Jacobson


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