e-Participation summit in Stockholm

Eleven expert global thinkers and practitioners on e-participation, from all over the world, got together for a 48 hour summit. Watch video and listen to the experts and read papers with a lot of examples on good practice. We are sure that this material can be interesting for a lot of colleagues all over the world.

Eleven experts were invited by Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Region (SALAR) to take part in this meeting. SALAR deliberately addressed this invitation to a variety and range of participants from around the world in order to get contrasting and high quality input.

The e-Participation Summit in may 2012 was a two-step process designed, first, to elicit their views, experiences and innovative approaches, and, second, to meet at a workshop in Stockholm to compare and synthesize individual inputs. 

New type of actors and roles (PDF, new window)

Introduction with Anders Nordh, Senior Advisor, SALAR (YouTube, new window)

SALAR formulated three questions as a guidance for the experts

The group of experts focused on describing the challenges and opportunities of present and future developments in e-participation and e-democracy for citizens, with particular relevance for the local level in individual papers.

  • How does ICT provide innovative ways for citizen to interact, get involved and become empowered and how do these relate to more traditional approaches?
  • How do different actors interact in an e-society: for example: government, local authorities, grassroot movements, companies, individuals? What are their respective roles, powers, benefits and threats?
  • For both questions 1 and 2, what is the present practical reality as well as the likely and desired future development that public authorities should be aware of and/or promote.

Some conclusions

On the second day the group of experts were divided into two groups, their aim was to give us some ideas how to continue and improve our work with the municipalities in Sweden. The result from the two groups is presented in two videos. We at SALAR are now discussing how we can use the advises and conclusions both from the papers, workshop and advises to improve our work.  

Some conclusions (PDF, new window)

Watch video: The collaborative plattform (Youtube, new window)

The Swedish manifesto (YouTube, new window)


When the situation today is described the experts almost give the same picture of the impact of Internet and social media. But there is of course some disparity between countries.

Martin Sande, workshop facilitator (YouTube, new window)

Overall (PDF, new window)

Examples on good practice, advises, reflexions

We received very interesting papers with a lot of examples on good practice, advises, reflexions and also addressed questions for further discussion.

Watch video and listen to eleven expert global thinkers and practitioners on e-participation.

Andy Wiliamson

Andy Williamson, UK, Director Future Digital (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Andy Williamson (PDF, new window)

Catherine Howe

Catherine Howe, UK, Chief Executive Public-i (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Catherine Howe (PDF, new window)

Chuck Hirt

Chuck Hirt, Slovakia, Founder and Director CEE Citizens Network (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Chuck Hirt (PDF, new window)

Ingrid Koehler

Ingrid Koehler, UK, DirectorPublic Path Ltd (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Ingrid Koehler (PDF, new window)

Jeremy Millard

Jeremy Millard, Denmark, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Jeremy Millard (PDF, new window)

Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund

Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund, Sweden, Associate professor in Informatics, Mid Sweden University (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund (PDF, new window)

Matt Poelmans

Matt Poelmans, Netherlands, Director CitizenVision eParticipation Institute (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Matt Poelmans (PDF, new window)

Rolf Luehrs

Rolf Luehrs, Germany, Head of department TuTech Innovation (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Rolf Luehrs (PDF, new window)

Tiago Peixoto

Tiago Peixoto, Brazil, Open government specialist, ICT4Gov program of The World Bank (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Tiago Peixoto (PDF, new window)

Valerie Frissen

Valerie Frissen, Netherlands, Principal scientist for The Organisation for Applied ScientificResearch, TNO (YouTube, new window)
Whitepaper and slideshow, Valerie Frissen (PDF, new window)

Vineeta Dixit

Vineeta Dixit, India, Principal Consultant National e-Governance Division, India (YouTube, new window)
New Media And Citizen Engagement, Vineeta Dixit (PDF, new window)

Further reading


  • Lena Langlet
  • Anders Nordh


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