Published 24 March 2021

School to Work

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions is the leader of the Flagship School to Work (S2W) within the policy area education of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region since 2014.


Flagship School to Work initiates and supports collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region to prevent early school leaving and to develop support measures for young people who are neither in education, nor employment or training.

The Flagship strives to improve its members’ ability to smoothen the transition for youth from school to work within the Baltic Sea Region, by providing a transnational platform for learning, development, and innovation. It is a platform of expertise and network for development which is organised into two Knowledge Platforms connected to the target groups: prevention of early school leavers and integration of young people in NEET situation. There is also a Thematic Platform regarding Education and Training which is of importance for both Early School Leavers and NEETs.

The aims are to:

  • Stimulate transnational understanding and learning
  • Better disseminate successful methods and knowledge
  • Inspire new initiatives, projects and partnerships
  • Provide a platform for developing and testing measures
  • Promote the allocation of funding for transnational activities

Flagship has members from eight countries around the Baltic Sea, but also from countries outside the region. Our members are schools, civil society organizations, municipalities, regions, national agencies, and ministries.

Flagship runs activities since 2012 to strengthen cooperation among institutions and organizations in the Baltic Sea Region.

Further reading

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