Published 29 March 2022


Municipalities and regions face major challenges with increased cost pressures, changing demographics and shifting demands from different user groups. In addition, extensive efforts are needed for the provision of skills and recruitment of future employees. As this require new solutions and ways of working SALAR works to strengthen the innovation capacity of our members.

Strategic cooperation on welfare innovation

SALAR and Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova are engaged in long-term cooperation with the aim of strengthening the innovation capacity in municipalities and regions. The collaboration addresses issues such as:

  • Stimulate innovation that addresses current societal challenges through digitalization, innovation management and co-creation.
  • Dissemination and implementation through efforts that facilitate the introduction of potential innovations.
  • Knowledge development on public sector innovation through international collaboration, learning networks, research initiatives and measurement methods.

The Innovation Guide

The SALAR Innovation Guide is a method support for developing innovative solutions in the public sector. The methods are based on Service Design, which is based on an understanding of the user’s needs and experiences, but also highlights the perspectives of employees and executives on the challenges.

The Innovation Guide

Innovation Barometer

SALAR has carried out the first national survey of innovation work in the public sector through the Innovation Barometer. The results form the basis for continued development and advocacy on issues related to innovation in the public sector. The Swedish survey is also included in the first Nordic summary of innovation in the public sector.

Nordic summary of innovation

Test and create

In order to stimulate the emergence of new solutions, it is important to build a culture of continuous testing as part of a learning organization. Working continuously with tests means lower costs and faster indication of what works and what does not work. SALAR supports members who want to develop a stronger test culture in their organizations.

More information about Test beds in Sweden


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