Published 8 May 2024

Request for Proposals: Senior National Coordinator for project in Georgia

SALAR International is searching for a Senior National Coordinator for the project “Cooperation for Development – Support to Decentralisation and Sustainable Local Development in Georgia (C4D)”. The position requires being based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Senior Nantional Coordinator (SNC) should be an experienced, professional, self-motivated person, who can work effectively in a dynamic and changing environment and manage people and processes to reach the targeted results within a limited time and budget allocation. As a senior expert s/he will be engaged to coordinate activities and managing and reporting progress and outcomes on the ground, ensuring alignment with the project proposal and the priorities and strategies which it aims to support.

S/he will be responsible for facilitating contacts and conducting continuous strategic dialogue with cooperation partners, international and national actors. The role also includes facilitating the operational management, methodological development, trainings and events as well as providing technical and logistical support in particular to the pilot municipalities, but also to the national association of municipalities NALAG or national ministries such as MRDI and MSED or agencies SUDA as needed.

The SNC will also play an important role in reviewing the context and institutional framework of Georgia as well as providing advice on advocacy and strategic communications. The position entails leading and supporting program teams and specialists and fostering the roll-out of interventions in pilot municipalities through the selection of candidates for training and capacity building as appropriate.

Location and duration

The Senior National Advisor will be contracted as independent consultant, and the position requires being based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Request for Proposals

Send your English application with CV and a cover letter to no later than May 22th, 2024. Please note “Georgia Senior National Coordinator” in the subject line. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Anna G:son Berg, Project Manager at

Request for Proposals: Senior National Coordinator for project in Georgia Pdf, 356 kB.