Published 11 May 2021

Rheumatic diseases

National Quality Registry for Rheumatic Diseases (SRQ)

Registry category: Rheumatic diseases

Certification level: 1

Central personal data controller (CPUA): Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset

Rheumatic diseases are usually chronic with lifelong suffering and disability and a shortened lifespan. Early initiation of treatment according to the latest research is the most effective and also leads to a milder disease course over time. New biological drugs have now revolutionised treatment, but have also considerably increased pharmaceutical costs because rheumatic diseases are so common. Ensuring the right treatment is given at the right time, to the right patient, requires continuous quality assurance via the registry.

The aim is to continuously improve patient health by providing direct support to both the patient and the care provider in order to improve treatment outcome, and by spreading good care in the country through comparisons and national cooperation.

Availability, treatment and patient satisfaction are used as key measurements of care processes, along with outcome data as an index for treatment efficacy on inflammation, daily function and quality of life together with patient safety and cost effectiveness. Much of the data is reported directly by the patients.

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